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Hi Beth,
I would like to say Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!
For years now it has been drummed into me over and over again that I should moisturise my face. For years and years now my face has looked like an oil slick, so bad that I used to have to carry tissues around with me and continually dab my face because of the constant shine. I was always embarrassed by the way my skin looked.
About 6 months ago I found Beth. I made an appointment for a Microdermabrasion. At my first appointment Beth explained to me because of my skin type I should not use Moisturiser… what how can this be??? for years I have been told that I need this, I must use Moisturiser.
“Trust me” said Beth just try it. I was worried that I would end up with very dry cracked skin (because I need moisturiser I have been lead to believe), It sounds funny but I was anxious about stopping my routine, for years I have been  adding the moisture every morning and evening. But I did it and very quickly started to notice that yes indeed my skin does not need the moisturiser!! How amazing!
To my astonishment 6 months later without using any moisturiser my skin has never looked better!!! Goodbye to dabbing my face constantly. My face has not turned into a dried up prune(as I thought it would). At 44yrs old it was strange to change what I had been doing for years, but I persevered and love the results.
I am saving so much money on not having to buy a product that I didn’t need in the first place and my skin is benefiting from Beth’s advice.
I realise this does not apply to everybody but for people with my skin type it definitely is true and I am so very, very grateful firstly in finding Beth and secondly for her wonderful advice.
Thank you Beth
From, Ariana

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