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Restylane-logoJust a little plug for the 10% of sale we have going at the moment. I honestly love Restylane products, they are well-researched and really work.


Restylane topical skin care products are well-known in the United States, and they are working their way slowly onto the Australian market.  While the original products are are dermal fillers and injections, Restylane have made a range of topical products for use at home. They work really well to balance out your skin hydration levels and create a healthy, protective skin barrier.


Like I always say, these products should be used in combination with a healthy diet to really bring out your natural glow. The products themselves really nourish and rejuvenate your skin as they are kind to the natural structure and constitution of your skin.


I recommend these products for those looking to start the anti-aging process and take excellent care of their skin on a daily basis.


We offer these products from the Restylane skincare range:

  • Facial Cleanser – enriched with organic oils and ceramides to make your skin soft and supple
  • Day Cream – builds up your own protective skin barrier, shielding your skin from pollution and stress
  • Day Cream SPF 15 – improves the skin’s own detoxifying ability, giving rise to soft and healthy skin
  • Whitening Day Cream – reduces pigmentation
  • Night Serum – provides your skin with a very high dispersion and penetration of active ingredients at night, including retinol, one of the most effective active ingredients for reducing wrinkles and age spots as well as counteracting loss of elasticity
  • Eye Serum – for improving the elasticity and circulation around the eye area.
  • Recover Cream – contains extracts from arnica that possess anti- inflammatory qualities and help to reduce swelling and bruises
  • Hand Cream – builds up your own protective skin barrier, thereby restoring your hands’ inherent softness


Speak soon,

Beth xx